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OK-grit is a granulated iron silicate. It is an iron silicate blast cleaning abrasive made with nickelslag from the Boliden Harjavalta nickel smelter in Finland where it is pre-screened. At Sibelco Nordic’s Nakkila plant the raw material is dried, screened into different grain sizes and the dust is removed. OK-Grit is suitable for a wide range of blasting applications and also as a high-quality granule for the roofing industry. The material is produced in accordance with ISO 11126-5 and 11127.

It is used as blast cleaning abrasive for all application fields in conventional corrosion protection on almost all surfaces. Suitable for SA-3, SA-2½, SA-2 and SA-1.

Very suitable for use as roofing granules, as it is weather resistant and has uniform colour and grain size.

Grain sizes
OK-45 0,1 - 0,6 mm
OK-55 0,1 - 1,2 mm
OK-70 0,2 - 1,6 mm
OK-85 0,1 - 2,5 mm
OK-95 0,3 - 2,5 mm
OK-100 0,8 - 2,5 mm
  • Bags of 30 kg, on shrinkfoiled export pallets of 1440 kgs.
  • Strong woven polypropylene big bags of 1200 kgs, with 2 lifting loops.
  • Other packing options on request.
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