We are delighted to launch our latest expendable abrasive - ScorexPlus calcium silicate.

ScorexPlus is a high-quality blast cleaning abrasive made from a carefully constructed blend of granulated iron furnace slag (calcium silicate) and recycled sodium silicate glass. A highly versatile solution, ScorexPlus is designed to blast clean steel, stone and concrete surfaces, removing mill scale, rust, old paint and dirt. It is also suitable for stainless steel and aluminium, as well as different kinds of wood.

ScorexPlus is accurately processed and sized with very low dust content to achieve a uniform and consistent surface profile. Originally designed as a lower-cost alternative to garnet, ScorexPlus has also proved to be a viable alternative to Vasilgrit® aluminium silicate (coal slag).

For open nozzle grit blasting, ScorexPlus delivers optimal performance with a slightly reduced pressure of 6 bar at the nozzle. This can be achieved by fitting a pressure regulator to the blast machine or installing a larger bore blasting nozzle for increased productivity.

ScorexPlus works best with a straight-bore nozzle. This creates a wider spread, increasing productivity whilst minimising any airborne dust particles, which in turn improves visibility and reduces clean up after blasting.

For optimal results, the blaster should carefully adjust the abrasive flow in order to send the correct amount of grains into the airstream. This will enhance blasting speed and reduce consumption per m². The rule is the minimum amount of grit to the maximum flow of air. Usually this is best achieved with a so-called steel grit valve that allows a very accurate adjustment of the abrasive flow.

For further information, technical details or samples, please contact us at abrasives@sibelco.com or call +31-85-0644301