In the spotlight: Bekagrit BG250

Bekagrit BG250 has been specially developed for low-pressure blast cleaning (less than 4 bars). It is perfect for delicate surfaces such as facades of historical buildings, monuments, wooden stairs and furniture. Thanks to its precise calibration and use of low air pressure, BG 250 gently cleans fragile surfaces effectively.

Restoration of the historic landmark church - Église Saint-Vincent-de-Paul (Les Réformés) in Marseille - is currently underway. Blasting is being undertaken using Bekagrit BG250 to clean several types of limestone, each with different hardness. The blasting is carried out with a low air pressure of 2-3 bars at the nozzle.

The customer is delighted with the results, noting that Bekagrit BG250 leaves no grit inclusions at all to produce a beautiful surface finish.