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AbraCut® is made of garnet, a naturally occurring mineral that is non- toxic, chemically inert and contains no free quartz. It is perfect for blast cleaning stone, concrete and steel, and for the removal of mill scale, rust, old paint and dirt.

Abracut® is suitable for surface preparation standards SA-3, SA-2½, SA-2 and SA-1 (sweep blasting). It is also used in blast rooms, cabinets and for wet / damp blasting systems. Abracut® is suitable for blasting thermally-treated/galvanised materials and for façade cleaning. It can also be used to clean concrete. Furthermore it is widely used for high pressure waterjet cutting as well as for water filtration.

Grain sizes
#120 0.10 - 0.25 mm
#80 0.2 - 0.35 mm
#30-60 0.2 - 0.6 mm
#20-40 0.3 - 0.85 mm
#12-20 0.8 - 1.20 mm
  • Bags of 25 kg, on shrinkfoiled export pallets.
  • Strong woven polypropylene big bags, with 4 lifting loops.
  • Other packing options on request.
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